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Mother Nature Approved: Loop & Loblaws are keeping single-use products away from your food

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

So much waste comes from single-use plastics. With the COVID-19 pandemic, waste from these products have reached new heights. Check out what this grocery company has been doing to keep the Earth clean!

Loop x Loblaws

Loop, an innovator in zero-waste, has partnered with Loblaws to provide waste-free and circular grocery delivery services. Customers can order online from the Loop website and receive their order in a completely reusable tote. Once they’re done, they can request a pickup of their empty containers, which Loop will collect and sanitize for reuse. Eco-conscious and zero-waste shopping has never been so simple!


This program is just one of many that are tackling the problem of single-use plastics in the grocery industry.

Tell us about some zero-waste companies that you know of in the comments!

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