Plastic-Free July Challenge #22: Take Care of What you Have 🌎

In 2018, California, US had its worst wildfire year on record. The wildfires burned through more than 50,000 hectares and is the most deadly in California’s history (John McKenna: Why are Wildfires getting worse, 2018). In 2020, Australia had more than 11 million hectares (110,000 sq km or 27.2 million acres) of bush, forest and parks burned (Australia fires: (BBC News: Australia fires: A visual guide to the bushfire crisis)). This is all a result from Climate Change. As human beings, we have to take care of what we have because if we do not, then it can be taken from us.

Today’s Challenge:

  • Take a photo of you doing that something that is taking care of our Earth!

  • Share a photo and tag @onepieceaday1, and use the hashtag #OPADPlasticFreeJuly to earn 1 ENTRY!

How can I win prizes?

Step 1: Follow @onepieceaday1

Step 2: Tag a friend! (optional)

Step 3: Share a photo (to your story OR your feed) of you completing today’s challenge for 1 ENTRY (BE SURE to tag @onepieceaday1, and use the hashtag#OPADPlasticFreeJuly).

Questions? Drop them below!

And speaking of taking care of what you have...

Tomorrow Switch to a Bamboo Toothbrush!

Litter caused by plastic toothbrushes and dental floss picks are not uncommon. The average person will use about 300 Toothbrushes in their life time. That equates to billions toothbrushes finding their way to landfills (or the ocean...) every single year. That amount of waste is incomprehensible. (Sustainable Jungle: ZERO WASTE TOOTHBRUSH: (FINALLY) BRUSHING AWAY ENVIRONMENTAL WOES)

So what can we do about this?

1. We can reduce how often we need to replace toothbrushes by taking care of them and

2. We can more sustainable toothbrushes that create a smaller impact on the environment when the time comes to discard them.

Stay tuned tomorrow for details!

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