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  • What makes OnePieceADay unique from other organizations?
    OnePieceADay works on the basis of getting everyone around the world to make contributions, so that collectively we make a difference.
  • How else is OnePieceADay tackling pollution problem?
    OnePieceADay organizes community clean-ups, as well educate school children about pollution and the effects of single-use plastics. By doing so we have inspired schools to ban single-use plastics in their cafeterias; and met many children who felt inspired to organize clean-up activities. We are also conducting reseach in finding ways to reclaim plastic waste. We are always looking for new ways to develop sustainable practices and keep our planet clean. If you have ideas to contribute, or wish to get involved, feel free to write to us at
  • What are OnePieceADay’s next steps into encouraging others to live a minimal waste lifestyle?
    We began as an app that encourages users to remove litter. A primary culprit of the trash we come across on the street is single use-plastics, which later led us to introduce the Refuse feature. Since then we have given talks at schools, and even inspired some to ban single-use plastics in their cafeterias. We will continue to give school talks, but ultimately we aim to reach out to the entire community; including industries currently using a lot of foam/plastic packaging, or other forms of single use plastics, in hope they will adapt to a more sustainable practice.
  • How can I support OnePieceADay and its cause?
    There are many ways to show your support and get involved including: 1. Funding 2. Volunteering 3. Using our APP 4. Shop eco-friendly at our MarketPlace Learn more here
  • Where does OnePieceADay get its funding?
    OnePieceADay receives funds through donations. As of August 2020 we have also opened up our Eco-friendly Marketplace, of which all proceeds go back to OnePieceADay to support our work in saving the planet.
  • Do I need a data plan to use the APP?
    No, you can upload images from your own gallery to record your contribution.
  • Why are there multiple duplicates of the same image in my Gallery?
    If you added a photo with multiple pieces of litter that you have logged all at once, the photo will appear a number of times in your gallery depending on how many pieces of litter that was logged.
  • I pick up trash and live sustainably already. Why should I use the APP?
    Great, we are glad to know you are doing your part. By using the APP you would not only record your own progress, but you help us update statistics that can be viewed by people worldwide. This helps us raise awareness and influence people worldwide to live an environmentally sustainable lifestyle.
  • How can I pick up litter everyday if Iive in a litter-free neighborhood?
    The ultimate purpose of our APP is not to find more litter, but rather to encourage people worldwide to keep our planet clean by raising awareness. We also discourage users from recording fake contributions as covered in our TERMS OF USE. Feel free to share in our forum how your neighborhood stays clean.
  • How can I log my progress without contaminating my phone?
    We understand controlling hygiene is important, so we have prepared a forum for users to contribute cleaning and logging tips. Check it out here. Remember, you can always use our Refuse feature too!
  • This is a great idea, but I don't have a lot of time to commit"
    That is okay; we understand not everyone can be active contributors. Even if you can only make small commitments, your contribution will add up with the contribution of other members around the world.
  • Market Place FAQ
    For Market Place related queries, please refer to our MARKET PLACE FAQ

Still need help? Reach out to us at

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