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Take a picture, throw it away
Make a difference One Piece A Day. 

The One Piece A Day app launched in May 2017 to make picking up litter and making a difference as easy as possible! Right from their phones, people around the world can help relieve the pressure of waste polluting their cities, parks, beaches & wilderness. 

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The One Piece A Day app lets users take a picture of the litter they come across, which logs this piece on a counter. Each person can see how many pieces they have picked up per year, their lifetime contribution, as well as track global statistics for the amount of litter that people have disposed of around the planet.






Log a piece of trash

Track your progress

Grow your community

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

It does not matter what kind of beverage we choose
If we're offered a straw we will refuse

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Log your refusal each time you make a conscious decision to avoid using single-use plastic. Purchase or use products in recyclable packaging instead of plastic or foam containers, refuse plastic straws and more.

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