Beach Litter. Hand picking up discarded plastic water bottle.

What if every person on the planet could do something as simple as picking up one piece of litter a day? 

Beach at Sunset

Our Mission

To keep our planet free from garbage forever.

To get every person globally involved in this great and important job of taking care of our planet.

It all starts with us doing our part to remove litter and refuse single-use plastic.

The Team

Tamara Conway

Managing Director

Dmytriy Pereklita

Founder and CEO

Karen Mak



Gary Fearnall

Brittany Ng

Dimitri Antonio Nitsopoulos

Tabassum Mili Hawlader

Rita Hao

Mary Ngo

Vivian Du


Our Story

During an early morning run on a beach in Mexico, Dmytriy Pereklita was taken back by the amount of garbage he came across. He began to remove the litter one by one, most of which was single-use plastic. 

Dmytriy removed over 4 bags, two buckets and several handfuls of garbage from the beach; but it was not enough. He knew for every piece he picked up, he was leaving thousands behind to be washed up into the sea.

Since then Dmytriy found a new purpose...

But he knew he could not do it alone. Dmytriy was determined to find a strategy that would encourage every person on the planet to contribute to resolving this global pollution problem; and that began with an app that would inspire every person on the planet to pick up 1 piece of litter a day...

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