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Plastic Free July - Week One: Don’t Throw it Out!

In our first week of Plastic Free July, we are focused on not throwing away our plastics after their first use. As we know, all plastics are very durable and versatile, and last way too long to be thrown away after one use! Let’s show some ways you can reuse your plastics for this week's daily challenges!

Don’t Trash Your Trash Bags!

Every household has a surplus of plastic bags from grocery shopping, so how can we reuse them around the house? Here are 5 easy ways to use your plastic bags:

  1. Package Valuables: Use plastic bags to stuff and wrap your valuables when storing or moving!

  2. Protect Your Plants: Winters are brutal here in Canada and also deadly to your plants. Gently tie a plastic bag around them to maintain humidity and warmth from its insulation.

  3. Line Your Trash Cans: Keep your plastic bags to line your trash cans in your bathroom and bedroom - they are a perfect size!

  4. Clean-Up After Your Pet: Do you have a dog that needs to be walked multiple times daily? Turn those plastic bags into your pet waste bags!

  5. Line A Paint Tray: Painting is always a mess, so to ease the cleaning process, line your paint tray for an easy disposable, mess-free job!

Turn Takeout Containers Into Permanent Containers!

Those black plastic takeout containers that we end up collecting after we order out are a lot better than you may think. First of all, they’re free! Second of all, all you need to do is throw them in the dishwasher before using them again. Lastly, they are freezer proof and can also be thrown in the microwave to heat up your lunch at work!

Shop Refillables, Not Disposables!

Lots of stores now offer you the option to bring your own containers and mason jars to fill up on your necessities such as pasta, flour, rice, and even soaps and hair products. Here is a list of all refillable stores across the country!

As Easy As That!

And there you have it! It is easier than you might think! So in honour of this week's theme, challenge yourself to implement these practices in your day-to-day life!

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