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Plastic Free July - Week Two: Sustainable Consumption!

In this week’s challenge of Plastic Free July, we are focusing on being more sustainable with our shopping and consumption. There are a lot more eco-friendly and plastic-free options than you may think…. So here are some ways you can make those sustainable choices!

Get Thrifty!

Going thrift shopping reduces waste significantly since fewer clothes will need to be produced. Up to 60% of the clothes in our closets contain synthetic plastic fibres, so when we go thrift shopping, it is good for the environment. Why? Because it keeps clothes (and consequently plastic) out of landfills, reduces carbon and chemical pollution caused by clothing production, and lowers water consumption. Most thrift shops also support local charities, which some could be for environmental causes.

Get Local With Your Farmer’s Market!

Local food is great for the environment, as it reduces food waste and carbon emissions. Many local farms are organic which produces many benefits to soils, waterways and wildlife. Done right, local food can have many environmental benefits - not to mention, fresh food tastes a lot better!

Go Containerless!

Glass and aluminum bottles are good recyclable alternatives for many plastic containers. Glass bottles may be heavier and more costly. Still, they will not leach microplastics into the environment, and they can be recycled endlessly, which is all that matters!

Switching to Sustainability!

Making these changes can seem scary and impossible at first. But initiating an eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle doesn’t mean using plastic ever again. It starts off much simpler, where you can use these few tips and tricks from the comfort of your own home - one step at a time!

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