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Cleaning the planet


One Piece A Day is a global environmental initiative that promotes environmental awareness and sustainability by encouraging every person on the planet to refuse single use plastics, reduce waste, and pick up one piece of trash a day while logging their progress in an app.


+1,298,203 pieces of litter cleaned up!
+350,674 single-use plastics refused!

"Years ago, on a CBC program, I proposed that we adopt a plan to pick up one piece a day. It's a great idea and I wish you well with it."

David Suzuki (on One Piece A Day)

Environmental Activist


One Piece A Day began as an app in 2017, and has since evolved into a community promoting sustainability through education, corporate partnerships and so much more.

What's New 

Video by SenovvA

OnePieceADay and the Community

With Toronto Mayor John Tory, and Kevin Au-Yeung and Karen Ng (ACCE)

The One Piece A Day team With Catherine McKenna, Canada's

Minister of Environment and Climate Change

With actors Patrick Kwok-Choon

and Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Mr. Kim "Appa")

Dr Marrion Hilliard Public School

University of Toronto Eco Fair

 Bee Aware Sustainability Conference

at Humber College

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