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Being Fashionable and Sustainable

It's Sustainability Week and being sustainable never looked so good! If you're looking for ways to engage in sustainable fashion, we've got some tips for you.

1. Shop sparingly and for longevity

We all love some retail therapy, but you don’t have to grow your wardrobe to be fashionable. If you’re buying something new, look for quality and longevity. The longer your items last, the less waste you’ll create.

2. Shop your own closet!

Instead of buying new, show some love to your old faithfuls. Try out pieces you haven’t worn in awhile, test out a new outfit combination or alter/repurpose older pieces. You don’t need new clothes to get a new look!

3. Shop a loved one’s closet!

Does your friend have a t-shirt that you LOVE? Try asking to borrow it or offer up a coveted piece of your own for a swap!

4. Shop secondhand

When you buy an item secondhand, you’ve stopped it from entering a landfill. There are so many ways to buy clothing secondhand, both online and offline. Visit a thrift store or peruse a secondhand shopping site/app.

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