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Event Recap: The OPAD Fam takes on Sunnyside Park!

Last Saturday, the One Piece A Day Family came together near Sunnyside Park and the Gardiner Express to pick up some litter...

All photos courtesy of Senovva Canada

Here are the highlights from our first clean-up in over a year!

We kicked things off with a land acknowledgement and pep talk from our founder, Dmytriy Pereklita...

...and had a delicious breakfast with refreshing juice from Village Juicery.

The OPAD Family showed up and collected litter along the shoreline of Lake Ontario and the bank at the edge of the highway.

There was sadly a lot of garbage but we had so much fun picking it up!

In the end, we removed 6,031 pieces of litter...

Small actions by many change the world and we are SO proud of our contribution... Thank you everyone for coming!


Wanna join us at our next clean-up event? Join our community to receive updates on our upcoming programming!

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I love this movement. Very inspiring...would love to start this to our own city. Already downloaded the app! Thank you!

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