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Plastic-Free July Challenge #11: Ditch the disposable paper towels

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

OnePieceADay sponge cloths are reusable and compostable

Set of 3 reusable sponge cloths available at out Market Place

Humans consume millions of tons of paper towels that are aiding in fast depletion of forests and polluting water sources (Pulp and Paper Technology). To make one ton of paper towels, 17 trees🌲 are cut down and 20,000 gallons of water💧 are consumed.

Microfiber cloths are reusable, however they are made of plastic polymers; therefore they are not biodegradable. They can also release up to thousands of tiny plastic fibers into the water supply during washing 😱

Instead we could be using sponge cloths. The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the house - so this is an easy reusable alternative 😊

Sponge clothes are compostable, reusable and functional. These can be used to replace paper towels and microfiber cloths AND they last up to 6-12 months (depending on usage). Made from cellulose and all natural cotton materials (80% Cellulose/20% Cotton) - they can be thrown into your green bin at the end of its life!

I reusable sponge cloths equals 17 paper towel rolls!

1 cloth = 17 kitchen paper towel rolls!

Alternatively we can also turn our worn out clothes into rags and slow down the rate of sending our clothes to the landfill 🧺


Today’s Challenge:

  • Use an alternative to paper towels - could be a dish cloth or even a new sponge cloth!

  • Share a photo and tag @onepieceaday1, and use the hashtag #OPADPlasticFreeJuly to earn 1 ENTRY!

How can I win prizes?

Step 1: Follow @onepieceaday1

Step 2: Tag a friend! (optional)

Step 3: Share a photo (to your story OR your feed) of you completing each challenge for 1 ENTRY, tag @onepieceaday1, and use the hashtag #OPADPlasticFreeJuly.

Step 4: Log your refusal on the OnePieceADay app!

Each day is a new opportunity to increase your chances. Your total entries will be counted at the end of the month and be entered into a draw to win a zero-waste prize pack. Be sure to stick around for more chances to win!

Questions? Drop them below!


Tomorrow bring your own produce bags 🍅

According to the Canadian government, Canadians use almost 15 billion plastic bags every year and only used for an average of 12 minutes.

Plastic bags don’t biodegrade, they photodegrade – breaking down into smaller and smaller toxic bits. A plastic bag can take between 400 to 1,000 years to break down in the environment. As it breaks down, plastic particles contaminate soil and waterways and enter the food web when animals accidentally ingest them. In the ocean, these particles eventually end up in massive whirlpool-like currents in the oceans called gyres.

Reusable produce bags, like theses LOVELY ones from Credobags provides a long overdue eco-wise alternative to those tear-off-the-roll plastic film bags that grocery stores and farmers’ markets provide for bagging fruits and vegetables. Made with sustainable fabrics, these bags can be thrown into the compost at the end of their life!

P.S. You could WIN a bundle from Credobags at the end of this month!!!


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