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Plastic-Free July Challenge #28: Switch to steel or bamboo pegs

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

Wooden Laundry Pegs

For those who dry their clothes outdoors, and who are wondering if wooden pegs are a good way to go green - it’s the perfect way. There are different types of clothespins and pegs. While the basic design is the same, the main difference lies in the material – wood or plastic. However, the most sustainable way to go green would be made of BAMBOO! Made from sustainable, biodegradable bamboo - these are quite enticing and designed to last you forever.

Steel pegs are another awesome alternative - they don’t rust, rot or go mouldy. They’re meant to be unbreakable, durable, and more reliable. Finally, they are recyclable, plastic free and zero waste.


Today’s Challenge:

  • Switch to steel or bamboo pegs!

  • Share a photo and tag @onepieceaday1, and use the hashtag #OPADPlasticFreeJuly to earn 1 ENTRY!

How can I win prizes?

Step 1: Follow @onepieceaday1

Step 2: Tag a friend! (optional)

Step 3: Share a photo (to your story OR your feed) of you completing each challenge for 1 ENTRY, tag @onepieceaday1, and use the hashtag #OPADPlasticFreeJuly.

Remember to log your refusal every time you skip using plastic on the OnePieceADay app!

Each day is a new opportunity to increase your chances. Your total entries will be counted at the end of the month and be entered into a draw to win a zero-waste prize pack. Be sure to stick around for more chances to win!

Questions? Drop them below!


Tomorrow Carry a Handkerchief

Tissue paper is made from the timber pulp and while some of this timber is produced using renewable practices, with new trees replacing those that are cut down, much of it is not. The plant and animal diversity in this forest are among the greatest in the world, but their home is being decimated.

Furthermore, the problem with the tissue paper goes far beyond that of production. Did you know that most tissues cannot be recycled? The additives used to reinforce the tissues ensure they cannot be composted. There are a few tissue brands that use recycled paper. The problem is that they are very rough on the skin and thus not popular at all.

Handkerchiefs are reusable and washable, and have an estimated 520 uses for the full lifespan. They’ll save you money in the long run.

Stay tuned tomorrow for challenge details!


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