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Plastic-Free July Challenge #16: visit a local farm or farmer's market 🍒

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

fruit market

Grocery stores will frequently have their produce prepackaged in plastic. By shopping at a local farm or a farmer's market, you can shop completely plastic free!

Don't forget to bring your own reusable produce bags!

There are many benefits to going to farmers markets or local farms. Just a couple of benefits are:

  1. Preserve Canada’s livelihoods and farmland. Farmers markets provide one of the only low-barrier entry points for beginning farmers, allowing them to start small, test the market, and grow their businesses.

  2. Stimulate local economies. Growers selling locally create 13 full time farm operator jobs per $1 million in revenue earned. Those that do not sell locally create 3.

  3. Increase access to fresh, nutritious food. Several studies have found lower prices for conventional and organic produce at farmers markets than at supermarkets. Due to this and other factors, 52% more SNAP households shop at farmers markets and from direct marketing farmers today than in 2011. (Farmers Markets: There’s more to Market, Farmers Market Coalition).

Below are a few the farmers markets we have in Southern Ontario


  • The Leslieville Farmers' Market

  • The Junction Farmers Market

  • Davisville Village Farmers Market


  • Hamilton Farmers' Market

  • Ottawa Street Farmers' Market


  • St. Catherines Farmers' Market

  • Welland Farmers' Market

  • The Farmers' Market @ The Village


Today’s Challenge:

  • Instead of buying produce prepackaged in plastic, shop plastic-free at a local farm or a farmer's market. Head out to your local farmers market and pick some fresh food!

  • Share a photo and tag @onepieceaday1, and use the hashtag #OPADPlasticFreeJuly to earn 1 ENTRY!

How can I win prizes?

Step 1: Follow @onepieceaday1

Step 2: Tag a friend! (optional)

Step 3: Share a photo (to your story OR your feed) of you completing each challenge for 1 ENTRY, tag @onepieceaday1, and use the hashtag #OPADPlasticFreeJuly.

Step 4: Log your refusal on the OnePieceADay app!

Each day is a new opportunity to increase your chances. Your total entries will be counted at the end of the month and be entered into a draw to win a zero-waste prize pack. Be sure to stick around for more chances to win!

Questions? Drop them below!


Tomorrow ditch the cling wrap 🐝

Beeswax food wrap by Goldilocks

Beeswax food wrap by Goldilocks

Instead of single-use plastic cling wrap, keep your food fresh with beeswax food wraps instead. These wraps are reusable AND biodegradable.

The average family uses 24 ROLLS of plastic wrap per year, which all ends up in the trash - two boxes of plastic wrap, ranging from three to five dollars each, per month adds up to around nearly $90 per year. Stop throwing your money away, literally! In one year close to a jaw-dropping 300 million tonnes of plastic products are produced. And despite everyone being more conscientious these days, only 1 – 2% of plastic produced is actually recycled. Plastic does not breakdown very easily. In fact, it takes 50 – 80 years for one plastic bag to decompose and a milk jug can take up to 500 years.

The best alternative? Switch to beeswax wraps 🐝. Goldilocks provide an all natural, eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap. As reusable food wrap, you can use them to store fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and leftovers. At the end of the product life, you can just chuck them into the compost bin!

Our third giveaway is also happening tomorrow so stay tuned!


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