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Plastic Free July - Week Three: The New Way To Order Takeout With Suppli

Ten years ago, Megan Takeda-Tully and Julianna Greco had a vision of living in a global society that incorporates reusable packaging in day-to-day life, making it the new norm. Eight years later, they brought that vision to life, creating a takeout packaging solution that will transition the takeout market into a circular economy!

What is Suppli?

Suppli containers are the future of takeout containers. Their product is made from food-grade stainless steel and employs silicone lids.

Stainless steel is becoming an increasingly common alternative to plastic. Unlike the typical black plastic takeout containers, they can actually be broken down and recycled. Additionally, the silicone lids can be down-cycled and used in other products — a greener recycling practice that involves breaking an item down into its component elements or material.

Suppli saw the problem. They came up with a solution. Now they are making an impact.

How Can You Get Your Hands on Suppli Containers?

Suppli has created a reusable takeout container program that operates in the east end of Toronto. To make this process easier, Suppli launched their web-based app just last week. While it is still being launched in stages, it is the new way that their business model is shifting to a more effective and efficient process. In the near future, this will be the only way that restaurants and customers can get their hands on their containers.

So how does Suppli work? Restaurants are able to reach out to Suppli, and rent their containers to sell their food in. There are over a dozen participating restaurants, allowing customers to order food from them, packaged in Suppli’s eco-friendly takeout containers.

Once customers have the containers and finish eating, all they need to do is rinse and return those containers to their nearest drop-off locations. Once the containers are returned to the Suppli team, they are washed and sanitized, and ready to be used again! You can learn more about how to order from them here!

We Want More Suppli!

If you are not located in the east end or are not even in Toronto, do not worry! Their soonest location launch will be in the west end, but that does not mean that they are stopping there - Suppli is looking to expand to new locations and new markets all over North America!

As of right now, Suppli is only offered through certain restaurants for takeout and catering. One of their goals is to expand their business to more food channels. By continuing to use their technology-enabled platforms, they want to introduce their reusable packaging to meal kits and grocery services.

Alongside branching out their company reach and scope, Suppli is also in the midst of launching a new web-based app.

They are doing everything right to succeed as a business, but to also make sure that they are making the most impact possible! And let us tell you, they are doing an amazing job!

Let’s Make Suppli Proud!

Suppli is doing everything they can to make a change in reducing plastic waste and creating an alternative to takeout containers. They have accomplished so much in only two years, and with our help, they will be able to accomplish even more!

The message they want to share with us is that when we rethink how we consume plastic, we have the opportunity to really make a difference. All we need to do is our best. We have to do our best in reusing and refusing plastics.

Megan and Julianna have created something incredible, and our future relies on people like them. They had the vision to come up with a solution to plastic pollution, and now they are the first company in Canada to do so, and we could not be more proud! Let’s all give a big thank you to these two incredible women and support Suppli!

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