School Events Re-visited: 2018-2020

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

As lock down measures have many of us working or studying from home, we cherish the opportunities we had to speak with children about OnePieceADay and how the decisions we make everyday impact the environment.

As we look back at some of the events we held in the past, it is important to help our children remember the importance of protecting our planet. They may now be learning from home, but they still hold the key to our future.

Forest Hill Public School


OnePieceADay teaching children about environmental sustainability at Forest Hill Public School

Tamara Conway in full action at Forest Hill Public School teaching the children about litter, plastic pollution and the small simple steps we can all take (like picking up one piece of litter a day!) to help protect our lakes and oceans. What a thrill to spend the morning with an incredible group of Eco-warriors ready to help clean the planet!

Lescon Public School


A great morning that started with an impressive Eco Board to welcome us, followed by an engagement with a small but mighty group of students full of questions and concerns about our planet.

Dr Marrion Hilliard Public School


Dr. Marion Hilliard Senior PS welcomed us with open arms and open minds. The school embraced our message about helping to clean up our planet and change our daily behaviour towards single-use plastics.

Ledbury Park Public School