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Mother Nature Approved: Suppli's taking out single-use

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

So much waste comes from single-use plastics. With the COVID-19 pandemic, waste from food deliveries have reached new heights. Check out how this Toronto-based company is working to solve the problem!


Founded by Megan Takeda-Tully, this reusable takeout container program is currently operating in select Toronto neighbourhoods. Restaurants can rent containers from Suppli to sell their food in. Customers can order from participating businesses through Suppli and once they’re done eating, they just have to rinse and return the containers to various local drop-off locations. The Suppli team will then sanitize them so they can be used again. This service is a great solution to the waste problem of takeout delivery.


Suppli is just one of so many companies that are tackling the problem of single-use plastics in food delivery. Tell us about some zero-waste companies that you know of in the comments!

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05 feb 2021

...such good news...perhaps we don't have to throw out any more black plastics or styrofoam containers....

Me gusta
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