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Plastic-Free July Challenge #3: Bring your own reusable shopping bag 🛒

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

We thank all our participants who have stepped up and signed the WWF petition to end single-use plastic. Now we must do our part and reduce our usage of disposable plastic.

We can reduce our carbon footprint by substituting single-use plastics with reusable options, and since today is the International Plastic Bag Free Day we decided to introduce this exercise with reusable shopping bags.

Plastic Bag Free Day is an initiative celebrated every year on the 3rd of July to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bags consumed worldwide.

A littered plastic bag in the ocean

Did You Know

  • According to, you could fuel a car to drive a mile for the same amount of gasoline that it would take to manufacture 14 plastic bags.

  • We use 5 trillion plastic bags... per year! That is 160,000 bags per second.

  • Plastic bags are only used for 12 minutes on average.

  • Less than 1% are recycled.

  • Plastic bags can take up to 500 YEARS to disintegrate.

  • Many will end up in the ocean...

A reusable shopping bag, scenic mountains and the Canadian Flag

By using a reusable shopping bag you’re helping to:

  • Conserve resources

  • Decrease pollution

  • Reduce recycling issues

  • Protect wildlife

Plus you can enjoy the strength and durability you get from reusable bags, save money, and enjoy its multipurpose nature (use it as a tote bag!)


Today we will run our first giveaway draw - courtesy of Etee!

Etee food wrap giveaway
Etee sandwich bag giveaway

Etee food wrap and sandwich bag giveaway


Today’s Challenge:

Reusable Tote Bag hanging on balcony door

In honour of Plastic Bag Free Day, put your reusable shopping bags/bins by the door/in your car and snap a pic!

Even if your supermarket is not currently accepting reusable bags due to the COVID-19 outbreak, putting your reusable bags where they can be easily seen on your way out, or when you’re outside, can help prevent having to purchase plastic bags.

Share a photo of your favorite reusable bags to your story or feed, tag @shopetee AND @onepieceaday1, and use the hashtag #OPADPlasticFreeJuly to earn 1 ENTRY into today’s giveaway, as well as the monthly grand draw!

How can I win prizes?

Step1: Follow @shopetee and @onepieceaday1

Step 2: Tag a friend! (optional)

Step 3: Share a photo (to your story OR your feed) of you completing today's challenge for 1 ENTRY, tag @onepieceaday1 & @shopetee and use the hashtag #OPADPlasticFreeJuly.

Step 4: Log your refusal on the OnePieceADay app!

NOTE: Your entry today will be counted towards BOTH the 24-hour giveaway today, AND into the draw for the grand zero-waste prize pack at the end of the month (that is 2x the entry!)

Each day is a new opportunity to increase your chances. Be sure to stick around for more chances to win!

Questions? Drop them below!


Tomorrow decline a plastic straw!

A littered plastic red straw and drink lid

When you go for a drink outside, or even at home, avoid using a plastic straw.

If you need a straw, opt for a paper, metal straw or bamboo straw instead. Check out tomorrow's blog to learn more.

Exotic drink with a metal straw

Happy Sipping! 🥤


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Jul 04, 2020

The Etee giveaway of now closed - Congratulations to our winner @ahmed.i.r !!

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